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Our glass mosaics come alive with color!
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Custom glass mosaics made from Lightstreams Glass Tile that come alive with color.




     Turn your plain swimming pool plaster into a unique point of interest. Create a custom pattern of mosaics to add interest to your swimming pool floor, or add a few accents to your steps or walls and you'll have an eye catching swimming pool that is like no other. The same can be done for your glass shower, kitchen or bathroom floor.

       Unlike ceramic mosaics that are "painted", our mosaics are made of solid pieces of glass. The do not fade, retaining their beauty for years to come.Click here to see how our glass mosaics come alive with color!




Take a look at our sample productsto get an idea of what we can make for you. 









 Unique custom mosaic accents that perfectly match your pool or bathroom tile.




Are you looking to further customize your swimming pool or trying to make your pool beautifully unique?


     We custom create mosaics from your favorite sea creature or design theme. From sea turtles and seahorses, dragonflies and fish, to a compass rose or a design that you provide, check out our  and custom design pages to get an idea of what we can do. Large or small, our mosaics, made from Lightreams glass tiles, will compliment your pool, bathroom or kitchen, even when your main tile is made of ceramic or stone.

     If you are not sure what you would like, our design specialist can help you turn your ideas into an exclusive manifestation of your interests. Take a look at our sample applications.


     We provide personalized service to help you achieve your vision. Established in 2007, our team will help you match your existing color scheme or choose new colors and styles of glass. Customers approve the design of the mosaic before we make it, and are able to inspect their products prior to final payment and shipping.






Aquatic Glass Mosaics
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