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Our glass mosaics come alive with color!
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Our Belief
     If you want a truly beautiful and unique pool, bathroom, kitchen (or any tiled space), you want Lightstreams Glass Tile. Choose your background tile from the many colors in the Renaissance Collection or Gold Iridescent Collection, then create an accent pattern using tiles from their Jewel Collection. Add one or more of our mosaics and your pool, bathroom or kitchen is like no other! Unlike ceramic mosaics that are "painted", our mosaics are made of solid pieces of glass. They do not fade, retaining their beauty for years to come.

     Lightstreams glass tiles are not just tiles made of glass, they are "optical instruments" that constantly change appearance as they are viewed from different viewer and light angles. Each tile is slightly different and when laid in a random pattern, alternating glassy and iridescent sides up, the effect is truly magnificent! We design our mosaics to optimize this visual effect.

     A word about cost: The basic cost of a pool, bathroom or kitchen is large regardless of the tile you choose. For a small percentage increase (for a few dollars more) you can have a one of a kind design that is not just beautiful but is exceptional. An in-ground pool in particular, is a great place to put mosaics. The large surface area of the plaster makes a great background for our mosaics which adds interest to an otherwise plain area. The cost of a few mosaics is much less then the cost of a custom pool finish which is often used to accentuate this otherwise uninteresting open space. See the photos of a pool where this approach was chosen.

     We have found that unlike some other glass tiles, Lightstreams tiles are easy to install (no paper backing!) and do not have problems with adhesion.

*Aquatic Glass Mosaics is not a subsidiary of Lightstreams Glass Tile. We just love their glass! *