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Our glass mosaics come alive with color!
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Waterfall Mosaics Ideas
Each mosaic is custom made with Lightstreams Glass Tile from the colors that you choose. The images below are just a few examples of the many beautiful possibilities.
Any of our mosaics can be installed on the side of your waterfall pond or on a rock that can be placed in a pool or stream. The rocks below can be removed for winter storage when you close the waterfall for the season, to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Application of a grout sealer after installation allows them to stay beautiful.
Click on the image to go to the frog page. Click on the image to go to the Koi page.
Mosaic frog istalled on a rock and placed in a waterfall pool.
Mosaic Koi installed on a rock and placed in the waterfall pond.
Overview of the waterfall next to the swimming pool.
This image shows the Renaissance Aqua waterline tile from Light Streams Glass Tile , with a Mystic Spring Jewel accent tile.
Aquatic Glass Mosaics
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