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Our glass mosaics come alive with color!
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     All of our mosaics can be constructed using any color or combination of colors available from Lightstreams Glass Tile. The samples below are examples of some of the beautiful possiblities. Please click on the images for additional, larger views and to see how the tile changes in different light conditions and viewing angles.



Iridescent Sky Blue, Aqua, Sunflower, Amber, & Absolute White, with glassy Obsidian, Royal Blue & Crimson, and High Noon Jewel

Iridescent Aqua, Sunflower, Amber & Absolute White, with glassy Obsidian, Absolute White, Royal Blue & Crimson, and High Noon Jewel



                                                                                   Iridescent Absolute White,                            Iridescent Sunflower 

                                                                  Amber, Sunflower & Obsidian                       & glassy Obsidian



     Glassy Aqua, iridescent Absolute White, Obsidian & Sunflower




   Glassy Peacock Shell with iridescent Aqua legs, and Claws of Chinese Red or Amber




Jade, Amber, Crimson & Red River Jewel




Absolute White, Amber, Celedon, Royal & Red River Jewel


  Glassy Absolute Black & iridescent Amber




                                         Glassy Royal & iridescent Sunflower                         Royal, Sunflower & Crimson




Shiny Aqua, iridescent Sky Blue, Royal, Obsidian and Sunflower



Aquatic Glass Mosaics
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