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Our glass mosaics come alive with color!
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    At Aquatic Glass Mosaics we exclusively use Lightstreams Glass tile. Lightstreams glass tiles are not just tiles made of glass, they are "optical instruments" that constantly change appearance as they are viewed from different viewer and light angles. Each tile is slightly different and when laid in a random pattern, alternating glassy and iridescent sides up, the effect is truly magnificent!  We design our mosaics to optimize this visual effect. See how they come alive with color.
    All of our mosaics are hand made and custom to your preference. They can be constructed using any color or combination of colors available from Lightstreams Glass tile. Lightstreams offers three lines of glass suitable for mosaic construction. The Renaissance Collection and the Gold Iridescent Collection (GIC) are the most suitable for larger uses. These tiles have both a glassy and iridescent side that expose different aspects of the glass, depending on which side is laid up. The Jewel Accents are mixed with the Renaissance and GIC to create an effect like no other. Website images of the glass only begin to show the visual effect of the tile. To truly appreciate their beauty, one needs to hold an actual sample in the light. At Aquatic Glass Mosaics we will assist you in choosing your tile and encourage you to view samples that are available from Lightstreams. The pages below group some of the colors that we have combined in our mosaics. There are many other possibilities.



Blue Mosaic Samples


Green Mosaic Samples

Tan Mosaic Samples


Blue/Green Mosaic Samples

Miscellaneous Color Samples

Aquatic Glass Mosaics
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